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With over 10 years of experience, Awesome Academy is internationally recognized as a leader in effective language training.

"I don’t know how teachers manage, but they are so interested in their classes that the guys who are with zero English in six months talk in such a way that they cannot be stopped."

Lily, Russia

"My dream was to study Masters overseas in an English Speaking university. I've studied at Awesome for 6 month and I can say I have already achieved very good results in such a short time."

Fadel, Syria

"The result was visible only after one month studying with Awesome, I was able to understand, read and speak freely. I am very happy I chose Awesome"

Amina, Kazakhstan

"I significantly improved my level of English, learned to speak English more comfortably and fluently. Now, living in an English-speaking country does not bring any particular inconvenience for me"

Nikita, Belarus

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A focus on professionalism, continuous improvement and positive outcomes underpins the culture. Awesome has a reputation for producing industry-specific management graduates who are the employees of first choice.