Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our enquirers. If you have a question that is not answered here, please use our Inquiry Form to get more information.

Q: Is AWESOME English Language Center licensed or recognized?

A: We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and our license number is WZ10036. We are also approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Department to conduct classes for foreign students.

Q: Can I study at AWESOME English Language Center although I do not have good knowledge of English?

A: Yes, AWESOME English Language Center is willing to help improve your English and make it better and there are different classes and one of them will match your level.

Q: Who are the teachers?

A: AWESOME English Language teachers are extremely qualified. Most of them are native speakers of the language that they teach and have years of teaching experience. In addition, we survey our classes to make sure our teaching standards are of the highest quality.

Q: When do your language courses start?

A: Our courses start monthly. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Q: Can I have my classes in the morning?

A: Yes, our language center offers classes from 8:30 am till 6:00 pm, depending on your level and request.

Q: How can I book my language course? A: You can either apply online, or send your documents by email, so we apply for you.

Q: How do I know at which level I am? A: Prior to your classes, we will schedule a placement test to know what level you’ll be starting with.

Q: What is tested in the placement test and do I have to pay for it?

A:The Placement Test is a language assessment service for individuals and organisations to determine the English language skills of the individuals or employees, job applicants or trainees in a way which is relevant to their work or level of proficiency.

The test covers reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary with an optional assessment in speaking and writing. The test results will enable the center to place the student at an appropriate level .

A payment of RM100 will be required, which will be used as fee for the placement test.

Q: How many students will be in my class? A: Our center is established based on quality, so, “No more than 15 students shall occupy a classroom”

Q: What age groups do you teach? A: We have courses for kids, teens and adults.

Q: Do you provide accommodation for students?

A: Yes, we do. Awesome English Language Center is honored to provide its language learners with the fully furnished apartments within walking distance of the Center.

For more detailed information, read the AWESOME accommodation’s page

Q: What are the fees for different courses?

A: See our course and accommodation options, with prices, at Find and Book a Course

Q: How can I pay for my program?

A: You can pay at Awesome English Language Center office after you have come to Malaysia.

Q: How can I apply for student visa?

A: We shall apply for your visa approval first. Once your visa is approved, we will send you the approval. Thereafter you will take a flight to Malaysia to register for our English courses. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Q: Do you have accommodation with English speakers/family?

We will try to arrange you to stay with foreigners so you have to use English in order to communicate, But we don’t provide accommodation for families.

Q: How much do I need a monthly allowance?

All you have to pay for is your food and personal expenses since we take care of your accommodation, medical and airport pickup

Your living expenses could be 600-1000 RM in average per month

Q: Do I have to pay all at once or can pay instalment?

As a full-time student with our visa, you are required to make full payment before we stick your visa stamp. As an independent student, you can pay your tuition fees monthly.

Regarding accommodation you are required to pay all the fees in advance

Q: Can I see the accommodation?

Yes sure, we will arrange a viewing as soon as possible

Q: You do have trips right?

We arrange trips and you will be notified 2 weeks in advance to register for them.

Q: What are the strong universities that you suggest?


Q: How long does the Visa process take?

3- 4 weeks usually

Q: How much is the Visa?

  • , but you have to register for a minimum ( 5 months) of classes to get a student visa

Q: How do I cancel my Visa with you or how do I renew it?

For cancellation, you submit your passport 4 weeks before visa expiry along with 250RM.

For renewal, there are different scenarios :

The student registers for 5 months only

The student should register for 2 more months + 500RM

The student registers for 6 months only

The student should register for 1 more months + 500RM

The student registers for 7 months only

The student should pay for 500RM

The student registers for 8 months and above

Just submit your passport

Q: Can I pay monthly for accommodation?

We highly advise you to pay for all your accommodations in advance because when you pay monthly your room will be reserved for only the current month and the following month it will be reserved for new/other students

Q: I want to pause or take leave for one month , but how?

Fill out the long leave from at the reception before the start of the new intake.

Q: Do you provide touring trips apart from the educational services?

It is possible to arrange if you are a group of 7 or more people

Q: Do you have part-time studies? am an employee

No, we don’t have any right now

Q: Do you have scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not provide scholarships at our private institute