In order to give students more options to learn English based on their needs and personal circumstances, Awesome Academy has tailored I.E. 2.0 into three separate programs based on how much time students can dedicate towards study.

I.E.2.0 Express Program

  • 6 hours per day
  • 5 days each week
  • 6 levels in 24 weeks, from Beginner to Advanced Course

The I.E.2.0 Express English Program has been designed for:

  • Students seeking to achieve competency in English quickly
  • A good option for those wishing to reduce accommodation/living costs
  • Individuals looking to blend in quickly with an English-speaking community
  • Those planning to visit or move to an English-speaking country
  • Business professionals seeking to improve their English

Program Structure

Level Duration IELTS Equivalent CEFR Level
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
3.00 – 4.00
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
4.5 – 5.0
Upper – Intermediate
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
5.5 – 6.5
30 Hours a week, 4 weeks
6.5 +

Fee Structure

Tuition Fees 1 - 8 Weeks 9 - 16 Weeks 17 - 24 Weeks
Fees in Ringgit Malaysia
900 RM
825 RM
750 RM
Other Fees Registration Visa and Medical Insurance Security Deposit Airport Pickup
Fees in Ringgit Malaysia
300 RM
2200 RM
500 RM
350 RM
Other Fees Books Discription
Fees in Ringgit Malaysia
200 RM
For Every Level

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International Students Packages:

Duration Registration Tuition Fees Books Visa and Medical insurance Airport Pickup Security Deposit Total
16 Weeks
20 Weeks
24 Weeks

 The Package include:

  •          Registration and Placement Fees
  •          6 Hours study per day
  •          Books Fees
  •          Visa and Medical Insurance Fees
  •          Visa cancelation Fees
  •          Full Medical checkup Fees – Upon Arrival
  •          Visa deposit of RM 500 refundable
  •          Airport Pickup Fees

What you can add to your package:

  1.                     Walking Distance Accommodation
  2.                     IELTS Guarantee Program

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I was trying to learn English as long as I can remember. Eventually, I had to learn it as soon as possible due to my work in IT industry. I was struggling, because all the latest information was in English, and I couldn't understand it. Luckily, I found an agency in China, who suggested me to come to Malaysia and study English at Awesome. I can't even describe how grateful I am to Awesome Academy for making me reach advanced level in 5 months, I've started at elementary level. Now I feel way ahead of my colleagues in China, because I can communicate with international partners and find any information I want in English.


I would like to thank Awesome Academy for helping me learn English and register at the best Malaysian university. I had a deadline for university registration and needed to learn English very fast and get IELTS certificate. People around me didn't believe that I will be able to learn English in such short period of time. But I have studied very hard and practiced English a lot, even outside of class. I can say that Awesome is the best place for students in similar situation like me. If you want to learn English fast and ready to study 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, then look no further, because Awesome is the only place where you can achieve real results in very short time.


Hello, everyone! I want to share my experience at Awesome Academy. I was studying at Express Program, and could complete 3 levels in 3 months. I arrived to Malaysia having very basic knowledge of English. Now I am going back with pre-intermediate level. I love Malaysia very much, people, food and great friends from different countries. Work hard, party hard is about Awesome. We studied a lot, but had a lot of fun as well. We have visited almost all the touristic attractions at group activities with Awesome students. And we also visited Malaysian universities, I wish to come back next summer again in order to complete my studies and get IELTS.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Throughout the year, every Monday we have an intake, you may start your classes at any Monday.

    No, Study hours + break time for I.E.2.0 Express English Program is 7 Hours and 30 Minutes.

    Your teachers are Highly qualified native American and British teachers.

    Not more than 16 students per class

    If you are international student and you are looking to study 16 weeks or more you need to apply for Student Visa.

    4 – 6 Weeks after completion of documents.

    You will need to pay Ringgit Malaysia 3500 to apply for student visa.

    1. White Background Passport Size photo
    2. Scan of All Passport Pages
    3. High school certificate in original language
    4. Highschool certificate translated in English
    5. Highschool transcript in original language
    6. Highschool transcript translated to English
    7. Health Declaration form.

    In order to apply for visa student must be between 18 to 45 years old.

    In order to be able to join the classes student must be minimum 16 years old.


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