How to apply

For many overseas students, living and studying in Malaysia will mean acquiring a Visa. This is necessary not only to enter the country to study, but to access banking, insurance and other vital public services. 

Step 1: Find the Right Program and Location

Are you interested in taking the IELTS exam ? do you have limited time and you would like to study
maximum hours possible ? are you looking for speaking program only ?
To find which program is suitable for you click here
To find which location is suitable for you click here

Step 2: Registration

Submit your application online (Apply Now!).
You will receive an offer letter with instruction on your next steps.

Step 3: Apply for Visa (If you require student visa)

If you require visa, you will receive a list of documents required to apply for visa, after completion of
the documents and initial payment, your visa should be ready within 6 weeks based on immigration

Step 4: Payment

International arriving from overseas students should complete the payment 3 days before arrival to
Students in Malaysia should complete the payment 3 days before the start of the class.

Step 5: Start your classes!

After completion of payment student will receive the class schedule and start the class.

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