Franchise Opportunity

Owning and operating Awesome English Center means offering the most effective English language programs in the market today.

Awesome Academy will provide you with all of the cutting-edge tools and training needed to make your Awesome Center the leading language center in your region. The system needs to be professionally implemented in each market, that is why an in depth understanding of the market, its habits and circumstances plus a business network are necessary to effectively launch a successful business.

Business Partnership

We are looking for partners who have the resources, local market knowledge, and business background to become our partners. The main components to successfully open and operate an Awesome English Center are business skills and financial resources. Our partners ought to have a network of business acquaintances in the territory and a strong marketing and sales background. They will also need to have the sufficient capital to launch and operate the business.


Potential profit margin of well over 30%.

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Franchise Opportunity

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