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Student Visa

International students whom would like to study more than 4 months in Malaysia are required to apply for student visa.

For visa application

To be eligible by Awesome Academy to apply and obtain your student visa, you need to:

  1. Register for a program with minimum 20 weeks duration.
  2. Age between 18 to 45.
  3. Completed high school

Visa application process:

After confirming the program and duration, you will receive
your offer letter from Awesome Academy sales team.
You are required to complete the following documents to apply
for visa:
  1. White background passport size photo
  2. Full scan of passport (All pages including blank pages)
  3. Highschool certificate and Transcript in both original
    language and English Translation.
    Note: If you are a degree holder you are still required to
    provide high school certificate and transcript.
  4. Health Declaration form (Download from HERE)
Based on issued offer letter you shall make your first payment
in order to start your visa process.
After completion of the documents and recival of first payment
your visa will be processed and you can check your application
status HERE
Upon visa approval, Awesome Sales Team will contact you to
explain you the steps before arrival to Malaysia.


Please note that student visa fees include :

  • 6 Months or 12 Months Student visa (Based on registered program duration).
  • Full Medical Checkup upon arrival.
  • Full coverage medical insurance.
  • Visa cancelation fees.

Need Help

Yes, If you are planning to stay in Malaysia for more than 3
months to study, you are required to apply for student visa.

3 to 6 weeks.(depends on immigration process)

Depends on your program duration, you will have either 6
months visa or 12 months visa.

No, Awesome academy will provide you with full coverage medical insurance.

Important Notes about Student Visa

Whether you’re travelling on a student visa, always avoid doing anything illegal.

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