What is IELTS crash course?

IELTS crash course is a swift and efficient IELTS package. It includes 3 weeks of intensive IELTS preparation followed by the IELTS examination. The course consists of intensive lessons focusing on the core of language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking elements considered in the IELTS test. Students will be introduced to the necessary skills and techniques often used in IELTS examinations. This course will fully prepare students for their IELTS test which will be held at Awesome English Center.

Who is this course suitable for?

University and Immigration Applicants who wants to get the highest possible score in the shortest time, and most importantly students who are repeating IELTS for a better score.

Focus on the first week

Students will learn the format and requirements for the IELTS papers, the strategies for reading, writing academic essays, the ins and outs of the speaking and listening papers, and strategies to maximize their score in all four skills.

Students will do practice tests, in addition to reading, writing and vocabulary homework every day.

Major focus on the second week

On the second Monday of the week, students are given  a full practice test under exam conditions.

During the week students will continue to do practice tests, in addition to having reading and writing homework on every day basis.

All lessons will be taught by professional teachers with years of experience in preparing students for the IELTS exam.

Vital third week focuses on

The third week of IELTS Crash Course plays an immense role in the overall development of our IELTS candidates. The students are given repeated number of mock exams during this particular week which are analyzed with utmost care and proficiency by our expert team of IELTS. The enforcement of these training methods have proved desirable result to its participants. Our IELTS Crash course has been the most popular and effective coaching among proficient users of English. By the end of third week students are fully equipped and excited to pass the hurdle of IELTS Examination with confidence and enthusiasm. 

How does this course profit you?

Continuous feedback: Our IELTS instructors will give you detailed feedback and advice on your speaking and writing for both in class work and on written homework.

Speaking: Speaking mock tests are conducted to ensure that students are mentally prepared for the day of the test.

Vocabulary: intensive academic vocabulary is given to improve your writing and speaking as well as help you become more efficient in the listening and reading tests.

Listening: Familiarize students with all four sections on listening, techniques, accent, and usual content.

Reading: Practice the different task types of the IELTS reading, focusing on techniques for the most challenging types.


Who will be your Trainer?

Mr. Stephen, Specialized in IELTS writing and speaking.

Ms. Deena , Specialized in IELTS Reading and Listening.

All our trainers are well experienced in preparing students for their IELTS Examination. Students ranging from 6.5 to 8.0 have trained and learned with our top trainers.

Feel more confident with 60 Hours of intensive IELTS coaching. Enjoy free mock exams, feedback, sample, materials and much more!

Crouse details:

25th September to 12th October 2017

Monday to Friday, 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Course Venue: Awesome Language Center


Exam Details:

Speaking exam on 13th October 2017

Written exam on 14th October 2017

Exam Venue: Awesome Language Center


Course Fees: RM 1995

Fees include 60 hours of IELTS training, IELTS exam fees for 13th and 14th October 2017 in Awesome Language Center and books.