Course Description

If you wanted to enjoy the Tropical weather of Southeast Asia and spend your time relaxing during summer while still doing something useful, this course is right for you. Don’t waste more time looking around, since Awesome provides you the most complete package of education and tourism all together.

Objectives and Aims of Awesome Holiday Courses (AHC)

-Students are prepared and trained daily for 4 hours from Monday to Friday and for the rest of time touring Kuala-Lumpur until the weekend, where they travel to domestic tourist spots. Hence making the student apply what he/she learned during the course.

– Families and friends can have a safe environment for their siblings to learn while enjoying the tropical scene.
-Give students a good chance to experiment how it is to study in Malaysia long term.

Awesome Holiday Courses are made of 2 Major sections:


-Short intensive courses for the duration of 2 weeks and above. Focusing on the major 4 Communication skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

-Additional skill classes for students to improve any specified weakness

-Field trips where students will apply their their freshly learned skills and breaking the barrier of fear.


-Scheduled trips that harmonize with study hours.

-Free monthly trips offered as an entertainment tool for the students

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