What is the International Student Medical insurance?

Student Medical insurance is international student health insurance for full-time students or scholars studying outside their home country. Student Medical insurance offers different levels of coverage so you can choose the coverage and cost that fit your needs and budget.


Why do I need international student medical insurance?

International study can represent financial risk, and many medical insurance policies do not apply beyond the borders of your home country. A Student Medical insurance health plan can reduce your personal expenses if an unexpected illness or injury should occur during your study abroad program.


Who Needs International Student Health Insurance?

Anyone who’s planning on studying abroad should consider investing in an international student insurance policy that extends outside his or her own home country. Traditional domestic insurance plans may offer limited or no international coverage, so it’s important to have a plan that can cover you across international borders.

what are the rules and procedures?

  • Any medical costs exceeding the benefit limit provided will be borne by the student/member.
  • Claims must be submitted to AIA within 30 days from the date ofconsultation or service. Please refer to the AIA Procedures.  (Click here)
  • Chronic illnesses are not covered (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Hep B & C carriers, nerve disorders, endometriosis, transverse myelitis, etc)

How to use the Health Insurance?


Click to see all the clinics that you can attend to using your student Insurance with Awesome English Center


For your medical insurance and health services you may reach our 24 hour call center on 1300888860/70 for:

  • Enquiries on medical benefits & coverage
  • Letter of Guarantee (LOG) issuance
  • 24 Hour Toll Service
  • e-mail: members@aia.com
  • IVR option to self-serve & reduce waiting time