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Over 10 years of experience in teaching English language to students from all over the world

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5-star rating awarded by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia

Receive a top-notch learning experience and certificate approved by Ministry of Education.

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Qualified Native Teachers

We create an immersive English learning environment, ensuring rapid progress in your language skills. Through interactive classes, engaging activities, and practical exercises, you'll gain confidence in speaking, writing, listening, and reading English.

International Students

Students from 57 Countries

By learning English in Awesome Academy, you'll not only improve your language skills but also broaden your horizons by interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Walking distance accommodation

Walking distance Accommodation

We provide the convenience of walking distance accommodation options. This means you can find comfortable places to stay in close proximity to Awesome Academy, saving you time, money and making your daily commute hassle-free.

Affordable Education

Affordable Education

We offer high-quality education at a fraction of the cost compared to other English-speaking countries and even in comparison to other institutions in Malaysia. By choosing Awesome Academy, you receive excellent education without breaking the bank.

Intensive English

Intensive English Program 2.0

I.E. 2.0 has been designed to internationally recognized standards and aims to help students achieve a high level of competency in a short time frame. As a CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) aligned course, the curriculum has now been redesigned in a tiered program of 6 courses (CEFR Pre-A1 to C1), using a Skills-Based Methodology, consisting of two modules: Reading-Writing and Listening-Speaking.

Skills-Based Methodology

Knowledge-based learning vs skills-based learning. Skill-based learning aims to build upon knowledge by developing practical expertise in a particular area. Skills can be acquired by doing, and the best way to master something is through regular practice or trial and error. Knowledge is the theoretical understanding of something, which is acquired through lectures and textbooks. Knowledge-based learning, therefore, refers to reading, listening, and watching to obtain the information needed before progressing to the next stage of learning.

IELTS at Awesome

IELTS Preparation and Examination Center

Officially a great place to learn! Awesome Academy became an official IELTS Examination Center in 2017. IELTS Preparation Program is comprised of four modules: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, with each module consisting of 1.5 hour class, five days a week for four weeks.

Unlock Your English Potential this Summer with Awesome Packages

1 Month

$ 459
  • Registration
  • Online Platform
  • Intensive English Program

2 Months

$ 850
  • Registration
  • Study Materials
  • Intensive English Program

3 Months

$ 1195
  • Registration
  • Study MAterials
  • Intensive English Program

5 Months

$ 2499
  • Registration
  • 6 Months - Student Visa
  • Study Materials
  • Intensive English Program

6 Months

$ 2810
  • Registration
  • 6 Months - Student Visa
  • Study Materials
  • Intensive English Program

8 Months

$ 3360
  • Registration
  • 1 Year - Student Visa
  • Study Materials
  • Intensive English Program

Benefits of Learning English in Malaysia


English speaking environment

Malaysia is a unique destination where English is widely spoken this offers you ample opportunities to practice your English skills in real-life situations and engage with a diverse community.

World-class universities

Renowned for their prestigious QI ratings and position as a leading education hub, offering exceptional academic programs and research opportunities for international students.

Multicultural Society

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, making it an enriching place to learn English. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of traditions, festivals, and customs. Engaging with locals and making friends from different backgrounds will broaden your understanding of global cultures and enhance your language learning experience.

Affordable Living

Malaysia offers a cost-effective living environment for international students. Compared to other English-speaking countries, the cost of living, including accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses, is generally lower. This makes studying English in Malaysia a more accessible option for many individuals.

Travel Opportunities

Malaysia is a captivating country with stunning landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and vibrant cities. By learning English in Malaysia, you have the opportunity to explore the country's diverse attractions during your free time. Discover tropical rainforests, pristine islands, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites while practicing your English skills in real-world settings.

Global Networking

English is the international language of business and communication. By learning English in Malaysia, you expand your global network and connect with individuals from various countries. This opens doors to future collaborations, job opportunities, and cultural exchange on a global scale.

Career Advancement

Strong English language skills are highly valued by employers worldwide. Learning English in Malaysia equips you with the linguistic proficiency needed to excel in an international job market. Whether you aspire to work in multinational corporations, tourism, hospitality, or other industries, having a solid command of English will give you a competitive edge

365 Days of Summer

A year-round summer in Malaysia offers a host of advantages, combining the allure of tourism, diverse outdoor activities, and improved health and well-being. The consistent warm climate attracts visitors throughout the year, allowing them to explore Malaysia's picturesque beaches, vibrant cultural heritage, and indulge in thrilling water sports and outdoor adventures. Furthermore, the abundant sunshine promotes regular exposure to sunlight, benefiting the population's health by facilitating the natural synthesis of vitamin D and encouraging an active lifestyle that supports mental well-being.

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Are you ready to learn English while enjoying a memorable summer in Malaysia?

Join us at Awesome Academy in Malaysia and embark on an incredible journey of language learning and personal growth.

Experience a Simple Path to Start Your Journey

1. Find Your Ideal Program

Discover a wide range of programs tailored to your needs and aspirations. Choose the one that best matches your goals and interests.

2. Seamless Registration Process

Our streamlined registration process ensures a hassle-free experience. Complete the necessary steps with ease, guided by our friendly team, and secure your spot at Awesome Academy.

3. Begin Your Studies in Malaysia

Arrive in Malaysia, a vibrant and welcoming destination, ready to embark on your language learning adventure. Start your classes promptly and dive into a transformative educational experience.


6 or 12 months, depending on the duration of your studies.

4-6 weeks after receiving the necessary documents and payment.

  • Passport photo with a white background
  • High school certificate and transcript with a notarized English translation
  • Health declaration form
  • Scanned copy of all passport pages (including blank pages)
  • Registration fee and visa fee payment

Yes, if you are a citizen of a country eligible for the visa-free entry.

  • Return ticket
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Valid passport (minimum 6 months validity)
  • Other relevant documents

Yes, there are several visa categories based on the duration and purpose of your stay.

Yes, of course! First, we will assess your needs and circumstances, and then we will recommend the best option for you.

Yes, of course! We provide Free University Admission for Awesome Students. Please inform us during the registration about your goals, so we can guide you to achieve them.

Client Testimonials

"Truly Awesome! My whole family studied English here and we continue referring our friends and relatives to Awesome Academy. The environment is very professional, friendly and supportive. We learn and practice English while enjoying Malaysian sunny beaches and cool weather hills. Thanks to Awesome I now can travel and study almost anywhere in the world, because I finally speak English."
Mohammad, Saudi Arabia
"I liked absolutely everything about Awesome: education, teachers, and the very atmosphere that reigns in the academy. Teachers demonstrate high professionalism and responsibility. Awesome is a place where you immerse yourself in English-speaking environment, where a desire arises to comprehend new knowledge in English language and to develop yourself as a person. Thanks to my experience at Awesome, I've improved my English and I've changed my personality for the better and I've met friends with whom I communicate to this day."
Indira Abdikadirova, Kazakhstan
"Studied for a month, liked everything. Teachers are top notch, always ready to support and help. A month of study passed unnoticed, wished to stay more but I had to travel back. I am ready to say with full confidence that within a month my knowledge of English has improved. I highly recommend Awesome."
Sergey Malkovski, Russia

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