Evaluation and examination:

Each level of Awesome runs on for a four‐week semester. Students in all levels are required to sit for the Final Exam in week 4 of the semester.


  • A student is deemed to have passed a level if he/she scores 70% in all components. A fail mark recorded for any one component would mean that the student has to repeat that level.
  • Another criterion for passing a level is the fulfilment of the 80% attendance requirement.

Cancellation and refund:

  • Student Registration and Processing Fee

The Registration and Visa Processing Fee is non‐refundable.

  • Tuition Fee

Withdrawal 7 working days before commencement of classes

  • If a student decides to withdraw 7 working days before the commencement of classes, he/she will be given a full refund, less administrative cost of RM100 if written request is received 7 days prior to the commencement of classes.

Withdrawal less than 7 working days before commencement of classes

  • Balance of Course fee less forfeited amount of one session fee will be refunded if written request is received less than 7 days before the commencement of classes. For Social Pass and Malaysian students paying month to month, no refund will be given.

Withdrawal after commencement of classes

  • No refund will be given


The immigration policies of Malaysia are very strict regarding the issuance of the Student Pass. Therefore, as a guest of this country, it is important that all students holding a Student Pass adhere to the regulations.

The most common concerns regarding immigration are:

  • Extension of Student Pass

The student will have to submit the passport and all relevant documents to the Front Desk at least 45 working days before the expiry date of student pass for purposes of Student Pass Extension.  Otherwise, it will not be accepted for the extension.

Note: Students who wish to have their student passes extended are required to pay for and study for at least 2 semesters during their extension period prior to transferring to another college.

  • Cancellation of Student Pass

If the student is planning to leave the country or transfer to a college student will have to submit his/her passport together with a copy of his/her flight ticket/offer letter to the Front Desk for purposes of Student Pass cancellation at least 2 weeks before the expiry date , cancellation fees are 250RM.

  • Leave Application

International Students who have studied for at least 4 months continuously are eligible for one (1) month leave. To apply for leave, students need to fill up the leave application form that they can request from the Front Desk. Their applications must receive the approval of the Centre Director/Academic Director before they can go on leave. The Student Pass will be CANCELLED if students do not inform the centre of their whereabouts.

  • Working in Malaysia

Student pass holders are not allowed to work in Malaysia under any conditions. If the students found working he/she shall be fully responsible for it and the student pass will be cancelled .

Awesome shall not be responsible for it.

  • Attendance

If the student attendance is below 75% in a semester without any valid reason,  Awesome shall have the right to cancel the student pass.

  • Entering Malaysia by tourist visa

If the student entered Malaysia by tourist visa, the student will have to leave the country and enter Malaysia by student visa approval.