Awesome Center organises different activities outside classrooms which aim to:

  • Provide a friendly atmosphere and harmony between students and teachers.
  • Help students to speak English in real life situations.
  • Encourage the students to implement what they have been learning in classes.

Those activities include:

Educational Tours: Awesome center organises tourism and educational tours to the most famous tourist and entertainment sites in Malaysia under the supervision of  the academic and administrative staff in the center.

Graduation parties: At the end of each level the center organises a graduation party to honour the students who finish a new level.

Games and Puzzles: The teaching methodology in Awesome Center depends  on ATSmethods, which focus on games and puzzles to improve the teaching outcomes.

Visiting KL universities: Taking an official campus tour will provide students with an overview of the university. It also provides a chance to learn about aspects of the university that are not covered on the web-site.

There are different types of tours throughout the day that focuses on specific aspects of the university like dorms, academics, library and campus life. Students can also visit the VP and will receive certificates for participation in workshops.