What is IELTS? 

IELTS  –  International English Language Testing System.

IELTS preparation course


The IELTS test was created to check the level of English language proficiency.

It was developed for those who intend to study or work in English speaking countries.

However, these days IELTS is recognised as a universal measurement of knowledge of

English all over the world.

For example, in Malaysia, you need IELTS for entering any university where the medium

of instruction is English. As an alternative, you might have to sit for EPT (English Placement Test)

– a university exam.

The band score of the exam can vary from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). However, to be accepted at a

university you will need a minimum of 5.5. Out of all the international exams, only IELTS is accepted and

recognized in every corner of the world. It is important to consider that there are two Modules of the exam:

  • Academic Module: you have to take this module if you intent to study at a university abroad.

As mentioned above, you need a minimum band score of 6.5.

  • General Module:you have to take this module if you intend to immigrate or work in English speaking countries.

Awesome English Language Center offers IELTS preparation course according to the following curriculum:

  • 2 levels
  • 20 hours training per week
  • Monday to Thursday:
  • Four hours per day
  • Maximum number of students in the class: 12


The language learners must complete the level 8 of Awesome Academy or must earn the required mark