A fluent employee is an efficient employee because he/she can deliver the message faster to your customers,  describing

your company effectively and make a good impression. This will reflect positively on your sales and profit.corporate training

Our expertise trainers will make sure that your employee can answer any question in your field using

professional and applicable English.

…Our courses are designed for the following fields:

  • English for business.
  • English for management.
  • English for finance.
  • English for medicine.
  • English for nurses.
  • English for IT.
  • English for oil and gas.


Any of these courses can be implemented through either way:

  • Public course: held in our school where your employees can meet other expertise from different sectors

which will expand their knowledge and provide them with new skills and prospective.

  • In-house training: held in your company offices where we can customize the course to fit your employees,

your company atmosphere and culture, solve your problems and practice the staff on real

and daily life cases.

Your staff will be trained by specialized and native trainers who have a long experience in their field and teaching as well.